Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Ready for Building : A quick update

We finished all our drawings and small models in time for our 10am meeting with the clients. We presented, they asked some questions, we answered them and they approved the design, giving us free reign for the rest of the project.

After approval, we had to finalize the designs. The best way to test sturdiness is to build a model to scale.

We ripped tiny lumber pieces (1/6" by 1/3" is a 2 by 4.)

We built trusses.

We put the trusses together.

We added benches and a table. We are currently adding decking and siding (which is 1/12" by 1/3". Awesome tiny woodworking.) (This photo was taken about a minute ago.)

For the record, Berea's Ecological Architecture course should use the woodshop. Models turn out much better with the appropriate tools.

We came up with a cutlist.

Yesterday, we scaled up our final design and built a jig.

Now it's waiting on us. And we're waiting on a lumber delivery that is about an hour and a half late.

I'm under the impression that we're running a little behind, but nobody seems to panicked yet. I'm excited to start building. We're assembling as much as we can at the school and then moving out to the site for assembly. We had to keep construction and transportation in mind as we were designing. We don't want to be on site too much because of the possibility of rain.

Yesterday was the first day that we didn't have class after dinner. A lot of folks went out to celebrate Steve's birthday. I slept, happily. Every other day has been completely full of drawings and models, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. It was a nice break.

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