Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Mini-Picture Tour

Oh, goodness. So much has happened in the last two days, I will be writing for ages and never cover everything. It's wonderful though. I absolutely adore it here. Before I go into too much specific detail, let me give you that promised picture tour.

This is the main building at Yestermorrow. All other buildings on campus are cabins or sheds. This building, while it looks small, houses classrooms, an impressive wood studio, two kitchens, many bathrooms, dorm rooms, laundry facilities, offices, and a library. The layout takes a little while to get used to, but works wonderfully.

This may be the least impressive photo of the impressive wood studio. It's small, but effective. As you can see, there is a walkway above it (as well as a kitchen.) The doors on the right open making the entire studio a happy, awesome place to be. I have not worked in the studio yet, but I'm sure I will.

Outside the building. The woodworking area extends out here pretty often. I think it's just cool looking.

The cob oven built by one of the classes.

This is the garden shed. It's kinda awesome. The part on the right circles in so it provides protected, weather-proof space for storing tools.

The gardens. I took this picture yesterday morning and have worked in the gardens quite a bit since then. It's amazing for me to see the change that has happened in the last 48 hours.

This is a strawbale hut that a class built. It's going to be taken down at some point this week. Not my favorite teaching technique- it seems like if they could finish it and give it to someone, it would be much more fun.

This is the "chalet." If I remember correctly, the main building used to be an inn/resort and the chalet was the innkeeper's house. I could be making that up though. Now, the interns live there.

This is the treehouse, which I don't live in. Now that I've visited, I'm pretty okay with that. Someone strung a hammock in the treehouse and I layed in it for a moment. Then the wind blew and the treehouse creaked (a lot,) so I felt the need to get out of the hammock. Wood scraping together isn't pleasant.

This is one of the three student cabins on campus. I think students pay a little more to stay in the cabins. They are cute.

This is the pine student cabin.

The strawbale cabin.

This is where the students who don't want to spend on lodging sleep.

This is where I live. For now. I'm going to move onto a platform near the chalet once I gain the motivation to do so.

The outdoor composting toilet. Some of the walls are screen, so you can definitely see people walking by. A little strange.

The outdoor shower! Solar heated and stream fed, of course. The weather here is really strange. It was freezing (literally) last night, but today, it was warm enough to just wear a tanktop. And now it's getting chilly again. While it was warm, I decided to take a shower, but once I got in there and naked, I realized that the pipes had frozen last night and decided not to work. So I had to shower indoors.

The archway from the camping/cabin area to the school. You can climb up the tree ladder and sit on the top. It's nice up there.

The compost area, and interns Carrie, Tim and Stephanie (left to right.) (For the record, the other Tim is married to Stephanie.)

That's about it as far as the campus goes. The pictures don't reflect how absolutely gorgeous the place is. There are a few other sheds, an herb garden and a forest garden, but none are very photogenic. The school is nestled in the bottom of a valley. There is a little stream that runs by the camping area and a river across the road (as well as a nude beach.) Everything is shockingly green.

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