Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chickens at Yestermorrow!

This morning was the most exciting morning we've had during my time at Yestermorrow. We got chickens!

We worked on the coop up until the 11:00 deadline, then loaded it onto the truck and moved it out to it's spot. Around 11:15, the chickens arrived.

Everyone came outside to great them. Students, office staff, interns, teachers. Everyone came to watch the chickens figure out their new home.

It took them an hour or so, but they started to explore their coop and tractor. The chickens are all young, but different ages and breeds. The older, bigger chickens hung out inside the coop for most of the day, and the younger babies stayed outside. They scratched, tweeted, and ate cantaloupe scraps. Several of them have been named, including Rogue, Betty Davis, Pat and Heidi. Several of us crawled in the tractor with the babies to give them love. Probably scared them a bit.

The afternoon was dedicated to prepping for two classes that are happening this weekend. This involved all interns cleaning the woodshop. It's amazing how much dust can get on everything. We were very thorough in our preparation - changing blades, waxing and oiling everything, cleaning every surface possible. It really was amazing to see the shop go from an active, busy workspace to a classroom-type workspace, ready for guests. Wasn't the most exciting thing I've done while I've been here, to say the least, but important for the operation of the school. And a good lesson in tool care.

After we managed to get out of the woodshop, all the interns gathered back up at the chicken coop. Wasn't organized. Just happened.

I picked up another breakfast shift on Sunday morning.

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