Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kitchen/Garden Intern Today

There are two types of interns here. The Tims, Kendall and Karie are design/build interns. Stephanie is a kitchen/garden intern. I float between the two, which is why I've been in the gardens and the woodshop. I really like it this way - I feel like I get the best of both worlds. I get to understand everything that's happening among the interns.

I spent the majority of the day in the herb garden beside the kitchen. I weeded, which took many hours, and planted lots of new herbs.
This is the main portion of the herb garden. The before.
And the after. This picture (and the next couple) were taken right before the sun set, so sorry about the darkness.

I labeled a lot of the herbs on the nearby rocks. This is Stephanie's method.

But in some instances, it made more sense to label with sticks.

I talked to Heidi, the kitchen manager, a bit today. As part of the kitchen/garden duties, I will start doing kitchen duty occasionally. (Most of the time, there is a full staff that takes care of kitchen duty, but sometimes they need another person.) On Friday, I'll be serving dinner. Saturday and Sunday, I am in charge of lunch cleanup. Monday, I serve breakfast. I'm somewhat thrilled by this. The kitchen here is wonderful- most of the food is local and/or organic. There's normally 20-30 people eating, and the food is normally prepared by one or two people, with someone on dish duty. The food is excellent quality. Heidi likes to make sure that everyone is taken care of, so I have eaten the food a couple times. (If you help in the kitchen, you get to eat the food. Good rule.)

So to elaborate on yesterday's post, here are the drawers for the router table:
I drilled all the holes using a drill press. The ones on the left are quarter inch. Those on the right are half inch. I also cut a hole and hooked the dust sucking hose (apparently, I don't know the technical name) to the back. (Tim built this cabinet. There will be a router mounted underneath so people can move the wood on the stationary bit. I've only used a handheld router in the past.)

The tractor for the coop is almost done. It has all kinds of cutouts that represent chicken parts. A little odd, and a little awesome.

You can see Tim 2 standing next to the ramp. The door there connects to a door cut out on the side of the coop.

The side door is on the right of the building, in this picture. There's a panel that can be taken out.

The door is beautiful. It has two windows on it. One is large, held by the egg-latch. The other is much smaller, for winter ventilation. I'm a little worried, because these chickens aren't going to have much sunlight unless they are in the tractor. They will be horribly depressed during the winter, but warm.

The NBI class is getting to be more friendly. Today, all the interns and the class played hacky-sack for about an hour and a half after dinner. The teachers of the class pushed back their lecture time so that we could all play longer. (Everyone from the class was out there. An impressively large group of people.)

It's been a good day. A long day, but a good one.

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