Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lazy Weekend Update

Yesterday, I spent my morning helping to deconstruct "The Cube." The Cube is a demonstration/example tool for classes trying to play with different natural building techniques. The most recent class was working with different plaster applications.

We took down all the straw bales and the pins holding them in place. Then we took the walls apart, but in a way where they were still whole and could be stacked. Now, the quansit hut is empty and ready for the timberframing class next week.

I was also on kitchen duty in the evening - cooked dinner for about 30 people. (The core class came back from their field trip and there's a weekend class, in addition to the Natural Building Intensive.) Delicious eggplant wraps.

I am being trained in every area of the school, which I really like. I feel like it makes me a more knowledgeable, valuable player at Yestermorrow. And I'm enjoying myself.

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