Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Window Sills and Giggly Interns

This morning was dedicated to folding fliers for the summer lecture series. There were six people in the room, working in teams of three. One person folded, one put tape and a stamp on and the last put the to and from mailing address stickers and stamps on. There were a thousand fliers being sent to Vermont residents. It was a fun, chatty time.

Karie, Tim (2) and (work trading) Ryan working as a part of the three-person team.

Ryan and I worked on the window-sill that we started yesterday. (There's a garden shed that one of the classes built that needs some finishing work before we take it to it's final destination off campus.) Yesterday, I was having the worst time trying to come up with dimensions and plans for the window jams and sill. (Especially since the terms were new to me. Rough openings were the most confusing part, it seemed.)

Ryan worked on cutting and marking the sill.

I made the jams. The windows fit fabulously.

This evening, the interns and I went up to Sunset Rock and watched the sun set over New York and Lake Champlain. It was a beautiful hike and a great time.


  1. You are quite the prolific blogger for sure.. good reads all around...keep up the good work..