Sunday, June 21, 2009

Office Duty

This weekend, I had office duty. Common intern thing. I've been checking people in for their classes, cleaned the chicken coop, answered the phone (many times), cleaned the lobby, organized the "YesterMarket," cleaned the bathroom, gave a tour to a perspective student and fixed the printer. Somewhat uneventful, but necessary.

It's interesting to sit in the middle of things. You get to see and talk to everyone, and they tell you all about their class. Apparently, one of the courses that is ending today wasn't all that wonderful - "Redesigning Waste Water." The instructors were focused on large-scale waste water treatment instead of home-scaled. For a weekend class, I heard, they spent too much time talking about non-applicable topics. I start a week-long class this evening with these same instructors - "Constructed Wetlands for Waste Water Treatment." Hoping for the best.

My classmates are arriving. They seem friendly. Everyone around here is friendly.

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